Cascade 1.0 (Mac CSS editor)

Media Design in*Progress announces the release of Cascade, a comprehensive
stand-alone Cascading Style Sheets Editor based on the same technology as
the CSS component for Interaction that we released last month. Cascade is a
stand-alone Macintosh application that facilitates design of the
presentation style of websites on any platform. Using Cascade, Webmasters
and HTML authors can take full advantage of Cascading Style Sheets without
knowing the details of the technical specifications.

Cascade provides a dialog on the Mac to define most style settings that can
be expressed in CSS. The style sheets can be saved to file in standard CSS
format or be automatically added to the HTML pages of a website.  Cascade
can even automatically apply a Cascading Style Sheet to an HTML document in
such a way that the style sheet is emulated for older browsers that don't
support CSS. Thus webmasters can employ and benefit from Cascading Style
Sheets today even before the majority have upgraded to a CSS compliant

A demonstration copy of Cascade can be downloaded from:


Comments and opinions about the design of Cascade are appreciated!

-- Terje <Terje@in-progress.com> | Media Design in*Progress

   C a s c a d e...
   a comprehensive Cascading Style Sheets editor for Mac