CSS enhancement proposal

Typefaces and type sizes are now specified independently in CSS. More
precisely, there is a mechanism to suggest alternate typefaces, but
not to bind alternate type sizes and line-heights to the alternate
typefaces. This is not especially useful, as typefaces have highly
irregular metrics and suitability for screen display at a given size.
It would be far better to specify typefaces, type sizes, and
line-heights (and possibly also letterspacing) together, and let
these cascade/degrade as groups.

Consider this case:

	font: 9pt/15pt Verdana, "Gill Sans," sans-serif;

This will result in a very legible Verdana (unless it's a Mac), a
wretched, overleaded Gill Sans, or an imponderably rendered default
sans. This would be much better:

	font: 9pt/15pt Verdana, 12pt/14pt "Gill Sans," 1em/1.2em sans-serif;

This facility will become more important once embedded type comes
into wider use - authors will sometimes want to suggest (and provide)
highly idiosyncratic typefaces, whose size and leading are not
suitable for second- or third-choice alternates.

Todd Fahrner

The printed page transcends space and time. The printed page, the
infinitude of books, must be transcended. THE ELECTRO-LIBRARY.

--El Lissitzky, 1923