RE: Personal stylesheet UI in 4.0 releases (was Re: CSS andpresen tational markup)

At 2:35 PM 6/9/97, Chris Wilson (PSD) wrote:
>>Why wait 'til 5.0 to enable this sort of development?
>Heh.  Because this is not a less-than-a-day item, and we have a full
>plate of both features and bugs.  I'm sure I've expressed this already,
>but in case I haven't - I'd love to implement all kind of UI and
>controllability for stylesheets in IE.  I'd love to put alternate
>stylesheet buttons on the toolbars when appropriate.  Unfortunately,
>this isn't really a major priority for IE4 when compared to many of the
>other features we've been working on, and the bugs we need to fix (and
>those we have fixed).  No matter how many people you throw at a project,
>there's a limit to what you can accomplish.  We've made some hard
>choices in other areas about what we're going to ship, too - but we
>really would like to ship a good, solid product _this_ summer.  :^)

Then it would be great if IE as soon as possible facilitated third party
developers to implement various controllability features for stylesheets in
IE. For example, the Mac version of IE [me being a Mac developer ;-] could
include stylesheet control in its "AppleEvent Dictionary" so that external
applications could modify the style sheet settings and thus provide various
advanced features. I for one would be quick to use that opportunity to
allow our Mac CSS editor to control style in IE, and possibly even make a
specialized product targetted for those that primary are readers.

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