RE: Personal stylesheet UI in 4.0 releases (was Re: CSS and presen tational markup)

Todd Fahrner writes:
> At 12:22 -0700 6.9.97, Chris Wilson (PSD) wrote:
> > You're right, Arnoud, that was primarily a UI issue - which is certainly
> > not my area of expertise.  However, I do support this choice *at the
> > moment*, because user stylesheets are NOT required - in fact, it's quite
> > likely that the vast majority of users would find it annoying to use,
> > since those authors who use HTML constructs for presentational purposes
> > (I am NOT condoning this) would have their presentations messed up.
> Right. Hence the need for a quick toggle mechanism to make personal
> stylesheets meaningful. The only thing more annoying than watching
> pages disintegrate when viewed with personal stylesheets will be
> having to click half-a-dozen times to disable the sheet or select
> another....

If I remember correctly, IE 3.0 was implemented as a control that
someone else could easily wrap a new UI around.  If IE 4 has a similar
architecture, would it be possible for MS (or perhaps a third party)
to produce a experimental UI that had more stylesheet setting
flexibility.   That is something to ponder, at least.

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