line-height split above/below linebox?

Am I mistaking the implications here, or does this not make it impossible to conveniently align the tops of two columns of different 'line-height's (we used to call this leading, but I guess that's ancient... I might argue that there should be a synonym for typographers who believe that the term is still valuable ;-) 

Splitting the difference between above and below is not terribly useful, even if it SEEMS logical. Or is there a way to make the lines flush against the top of the line box? 

Will we be forced to use pixel tweaking to get the baselines (the most important to the typographer) aligned? Although the client should be able to discover the baseline of the font, it appears there's no way to utilise this in CSS, right?

Perhaps setting the 'shift-baseline' property?

Or am I off in the woods here? Sorry if it's already been discussed, and I missed it somewhere.


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