Re: CSS and presentational markup

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"Chris Wilson (PSD)" <cwilso@MICROSOFT.com> wrote:
> Internet Explorer 4.0 has the UI and capability to utilize user
> stylesheets now.  It is not in Platform Preview 1, but will be in Beta
> 2.  When Beta 2 comes out, look in View...Options, Advanced tab, and
> click "Accessibility".  There is a checkbox labelled "Format documents
> using my stylesheet", and an entry box for a path to that stylesheet.

This is probably more a UI issue, but why that deep? I believe there
is a recommendation that you can change stylesheets with something like
a dropdown menu (using the text in the LINK element as title or
something like that), and I'd like to be able to define more than
one stylesheet and switch between those depending on what I'm reading
and what I'm doing.

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