Re: CSS and presentational markup

Todd Fahrner writes:

 > > http://www.w3.org/TR/REC-CSS1-961217.html#the-cascade
 > >
 > >   " The UA may choose to honor other stylistic HTML attributes, for
 > >     example 'ALIGN'. If so, these attributes are translated to the
 > >     corresponding CSS rules with specificity equal to 1. The rules are
 > >     assumed to be at the start of the author style sheet and may be
 > >     overridden by subsequent style sheet rules. In a transition phase,
 > >     this policy will make it easier for stylistic attributes to coexist
 > >     with style sheets. "

 > As I read this, all stylistic attributes on HTML elements (as opposed to
 > inline STYLE calls) should always be overridden by author stylesheets, or
 > by user stylesheets where "!important" is declared.


 > Many, many authors will care how their documents are rendered in NS 3.0
 > until CSS browsers achieve better than 80% penetration. I'm exploring
 > transitional strategies.

Make sure you keep us posted on your findings.


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