Re: list-item alignment in CSS

Hakon Lie wrote:
> You are right in pointing out this as a limitation -- one that we
> to address in the next round. Meanwhile, I think we should not try to
> change CSS1, but rather strengthen it by publishing test documents.

Enhancement suggestions had no time frame. But the way in which
list-items are implemented will affect the way in which they can be
enhanced, and strength grows from a firm foundation. Since the
Recommendation is ambiguous and list items haven't been implemented
correctly either way, commentary seemed reasonable.

As for test documents... you mean carefully-crafted show pages that
work around the bugs and missing features of the browsers to serve as
flashy advertising for CSS1 and/or the author's design expertise? Or
pages that show how things should work but don't?

There's a quick'n'dirty table-based list-item example at
<http://www.hpaa.com/css1/lists.html>. Is this the correct

David Perrell