Re: list-item alignment in CSS

David Perrell writes:

 > Hakon Lie wrote:
 > > ... With the keyword value 'outside', the marker will be put
 > > outside the box and the box will be formatted and positioned as any
 > > other box.
 > BODY     { margin-left: 0 }
 > UL       { margin-left: 0 }
 > UL LI    { margin-left: 0 }
 > ...
 > <BODY>
 > <UL>
 > <LI>Those bullets are out there...<LI>
 > <LI>But who knows where?</LI>
 > <LI>Somehow this doesn't seem right to me.</LI>
 > </UL>
 > ...
 > Those bullets are out there...
 > But who knows where?
 > Somehow this doesn't seem right to me.

CSS1 does not provide a way to directly set the size/position of the
list marker. A 'list-item' element is block-level and is formatted
like 'block' elemements with the addition of a list marker. The CSS1
specification includes the keywords 'inside' and 'outside', but does
not describe in detail how the list-item markers are to be formatted.
You are right in pointing out this as a limitation -- one that we hope
to address in the next round. Meanwhile, I think we should not try to
change CSS1, but rather strengthen it by publishing test documents.



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