Re: list-item alignment in CSS

On Jun 4, 11:49am, David Perrell wrote:

> Todd Fahrner wrote:
> > As long as we're still in the realm of interpretation, and in the
> > absence of any implementations setting precedent, does it not make
> > sense to promote the most useful interpretation rather than propose
> > outright amendments to the recommendation

Correct, although if ammendments are needed to correct outright errors
then don't be shy sending them in (as if you would). Actually if
clarification of interpretation is needed then I would say that the spec
still has errors but there we are.

> >  ('cept for fixing up some
> > obviously erroneous ascii-art)? - I mean, alignment is just style,
> > not content, right? ;^)

Alignment is just style as long as it is just your content getting
aligned ;-) rather than our content describing alignment, in which case
it is content about style and thus not just.

> Right! Hello, Authoritative? Commentary needed!

Whoops yessir. Er.. I liked the smiley. Noticed it even. Oh about the
lists. Well lets see

> IMO, the simplest way to give author control of list content indent is
> to add units to list-position values. "Outside" means "browser, do your
> thing!", "inside" means 0, and units mean "block-indent the content by
> this much."

That's one way.

> A more general solution is to add block-indent and :before
> to the spec, and say that list-position is just another way of
> specifying block-indent and that list-style-type is a way to specify
> content of an implicit :before pseudo-element.

That strikes me as preferable. It may even strike the working group as
preferable, which will then be authoritative.

> > Has there been any discussion or detailed specification on how lists
> > (or normal block-level elements) should be rendered when their
> > display type is set to "inline"?
> More authoritative commentary needed.

Agreed, and I look forward to hearing it. David, you start. After all,
what the early implementors and page designers think, want, and how they
interpret the spec is valuable feedback.

Actually there has been recent discussion about what happens with a multiply
nested list where different list items have left-to-right and right-to-left
directionality and then some joker sets the entire enclosing UL to be
display: inline.

One thing that seems to be needed for these inline lists is a way to treat
the first and perhaps the last list element specially.

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