Re: Netscape 4.0b5 stylesheet limitation

On Tue, 27 May 1997, Wolfgang Klimt wrote:

> yesterday I discovered that Netscape Communicator allows stylesheets
> only to be loaded from the server the html-page was loaded from, in
> any other case it produces a "JavaScript Error" (???) and doesn't
> apply the CSS stylesheet. I'm a friend of security, but I can't see
> any reason why a stylesheet could be a security risk! For me this
> means a great limitation, as we have many web-servers that should use
> the same stylesheet loaded from one reference location.

This is probably down to the way Netscape implements stylesheets using
JavaScript (JSSL if I understand it correctly). I guess it sort of makes
sense to limit scripts to the same site (ish, although there are good
reasons against it as well ...) but certainly this is another major problem
(similar to stylesheets disappearing when you turn off JS ...).


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