Re: null-values for css-properties?

Jonas Salling writes:

 > You solution assumes that the author has perfect knowledge
 > about the style sheets that are used, and that they will not
 > change. I think it is important to allow the author to disable
 > certain properties/values WITHOUT him/her having complete
 > knowledge about the environment.

You're right. There is no easy way to turn off blinking without also
throwing out other values set on the text-decoration property. This
was sacrificed for the sake of brevity -- the alternatives would be to
have separate binary properties for all values on 'text-decoration'.

 > This problem becomes evident when you try to design a
 > word processor style GUI for HTML authoring software
 > supporting CSS... ;>)

But since you know the document structure at that point you can tailor
the style sheet for your needs, no?



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