Sure. I'd agree with this. 

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> On Sun, 11 May 1997, Adam Bosworth wrote:
> > I'd have to agree with Terry about this point. I do actually think
> that
> > an increasing percentage of pages will not be authored using WYSIWYG
> > tools, but that being said, our experience with Word is consistant
> with
> > Terry's comments. 90% of Word users don't use styles because it
> requires
> > a top down systemic model for authoring that doesn't come naturally
> to
> > them.  That doesn't mean that Styles are a bad idea, just that it is
> > hard to show that Styles improve an authoring UI's usability.
> But, just like my experience with Word, small documents can survive
> without
> style, but long and complex documents make the overhead work required
> to set
> up the styles pay off in the long run.
> Likewise, making a stylesheet for a small web page will be too
> tiresome when
> one can simply put a STYLE attribute somewhere and be done with it.
> BUT, if you're planning something in the large site range, you'll need
> a
> stylesheet to retain your sanity.
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