background-position and other sundry css clarifications

Hi all,

I'm a little unclear on this property.  Can this be used with repeat,
repeat-x and repeat-y,  or does it imply a single copy of the image with
no-repeat only?  If you *can* repeat,  does the image origin begin the
repeat area,  or does it extend backward to the edge of the content.

A small clarification on background/background-color would also be
desirable.  Right now I'm drawing those out to the edge of the padding, 
but it occured to me that the background-position was w.r.t. the
content.  Is the background clipped to the padding or the content?

A last clarification.  Each element can be addressed with a CSS
property.  Is there an implicit element for the text within a block,  or
is it simply assumed that you can never set non-inherited properties for
that text without using SPAN?

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