Re: content property

I'm still not following. Maybe I don't understand properly. Let's say I have
this document (you can map it to HTML using classes in your head)

<P>This is a paragraph.
<P>this is another paragraph.
<FIGURE>This is figure 1.</FIGURE>
<SECTION><TITLE>This is section 1</TITLE
<FIGURE>This is figure 2</FIGURE>
<SECTION><TITLE>This is section 2</TITLE>
<FIGURE>This is figure 3</FIGURE>

Now how do I set up the stylesheet to generate numbers that correspond
to the ones in the text?

> I don't have a need to do these things with CSS. But if they must be
> doable, I'd rather see it in the form of element properties than global
> variables. If there's no elegant and simple solution I'd rather leave
> counters as another argument for DSSSL.

I agree that global variables are bad for all of the usual reasons, but 
they seem doubly bad in a system with cascading. What about name conflicts?
What about overrides that change numbering. etc. I would support CSS 
adding a simple system based on DSSSL's.

> How is it at accessing the numbers? Can you insert a reference to a
> numbered figure within a paragraph and have it change if the document
> order is changed, as you can with major word processors? 

Sure. Hopefully my descriptions in other messages will make this clear.

> Isn't numbering most efficient in the editing phase?

I don't know what this means. If we presume that people will continue
to edit HTML and XML in text editors then we can't depend on wordprocessors
to do numbering for them.

 Paul Prescod