Re: content property

Paul Prescod wrote:
> Now how do you count figures? How do you count equations? How do you
> count paragraphs that have headings in-between them?

By accessing counters using a ancestor tag? Such as:

    OL LI:before { content: OL.counter " " }

Class could be used with that:

    H2:before    { content: DIV.1.counter "." DIV.2.counter ". " }

I don't have a need to do these things with CSS. But if they must be
doable, I'd rather see it in the form of element properties than global
variables. If there's no elegant and simple solution I'd rather leave
counters as another argument for DSSSL.

> Interestingly, DSSSL does all of these without counters or

How is it at accessing the numbers? Can you insert a reference to a
numbered figure within a paragraph and have it change if the document
order is changed, as you can with major word processors? Isn't
numbering most efficient in the editing phase?

I see a definite "no" answer to the last question only when custom
documents are composed on-the-fly by server-side scripts.

David Perrell