Re: content property


Your input on numbering in CSS is very interesting, we're studying the
various proposals. I have a few questions regarding the DSSSL examples
you posted:

 > (element P
 >     (if (modulo (child-number) 5)
 > 	 (make sequence 
 > 	     (literal (number->string (child-number)))
 > 	     (process-children))
 > 	 (process-children)))
 > Which outputs a line number for every fifth line. 

Being able to do stuff with lines as they are formatted is often
requested (that's why we have the 'first-line' pseudo-element in CSS)
so I support your goal. However, I'm unable to see how the above
example achieves it. Doesn't '(child-number)' return the element's
logical position, not the line number? Also, will the modulo function
ever return #f?



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