ANNC: Cascading Style Sheets Editor

The Interaction Cascading Style Sheets Editor was officially released
today. It is a dialog based CSS editor for the Macintosh. Since CSS
software yet aren't released that often, I haven taken the liberty of this
announcement and enclosed the essentials from the press release.

The Interaction Cascading Style Sheet Editor is a complete, specialized
editor for CSS. It is not just a simple style sheet editor that can export
CSS, but is designed to give authors the same control over presentation
style using a dialog on the Mac as they would have by typing CSS by hand.

Later this month we will release the Interaction Stylizer, a filter which
applies a style sheet at serving time for browsers that doesn't support CSS
(a first version is already available). Many webmasters has signalized that
they will wait until CSS is supported by the majority of browsers before
using CSS. The Stylizer effectively shortcuts this by keeping a website
attractive also for those using older browsers while allowing the webmaster
to use CSS for efficient style management.

Feel free to forward the announcement to others that will find it
interesting, as well as to make a link to the pages that present the


SAN DIEGO, Calif., May 5, 1997: Media Design in Progress announces the
release of the Interaction Cascading Style Sheets Editor, recently
showcased at the Sixth International World Wide Web Conference. The editor
can be downloaded from

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet mechanism developed by the
World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to meet the needs of Web designers and
users. It is supported by web browsers such as Netscape Navigator and
Internet Explorer, and enjoys wide industry backing. A CSS style sheet can
set fonts, colors, white space and other layout aspects of an HTML page in
an efficient and flexible manner.

Håkon Lie, Style Sheets Lead at the World Wide Web Consortium says that
"Cascading Style Sheets is transforming the look and feel of the Web, and
we are happy to see site management applications like Interaction help
design style sheets. Using CSS, webmasters and authors can easily maintain
a consistent design throughout a web site."

The Interaction Cascading Style Sheet editor allows authors to use a dialog
on the Mac to define any style setting that can be expressed in CSS. The
style sheets can be saved to file in standard CSS format or be
automatically added to the HTML pages of a website.  Media Design in
Progress also provides the Interaction Stylizer. The Stylizer is a filter
that applies a Cascading Style Sheet at serving time for older browsers
that don't support CSS. The Stylizer will be officially released in the end
of May, but a pre-release version is already available.

"Cascading Style Sheets give webmasters better control over presentation
style, makes site management more efficient and leads to a more adaptable
and accessible web. With the Interaction CSS editor, webmasters and HTML
authors can conveniently create their own stylesheets without knowing the
technical specifications. The Interaction Stylizer allows webmasters and
authors to immediately benefit from Cascading Style Sheets in that the site
still appears exciting also when accessed with older browsers" says Terje
Norderhaug, President of Media Design in*Progress.

The Cascading Style Sheet editor is a free optional component to
Interaction, a powerful dynamic site management application that has been
in use on the Macintosh platform since 1995. Interaction can be used
together with a Mac web server for adaptive and social websites, or
stand-alone as a light-weight SGML publishing system for efficient
automated site development and management.

From the press release at: http://interaction.in-progress.com/press/css-970505
Screen shots at: http://interaction.in-progress.com/documentation/style

-- Terje <Terje@in-progress.com> | Media Design in*Progress

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