Re: Presentation of Q

Chris Lilley wrote:
> ... 
> Since you are talking of quoted material arranged in paragraphs,
> would be appropriate.

Appropriate? Hmm. When quotes occur within a storyline and
multi-paragraph quotations are the exception, the effect would be
jarring without stylesheets.

> A stylesheet could arrange for an open quote to be applied before
> blockquote and a close quote to be appended to the last one (in CSS,
> using a special class to identify the last blockquote of that quoted
> section. Or you could surround the section with a div and generate
> closing quote on that.

This assumes that before and after pseudo-elements are adopted (you've
made an argument in favor). You could then forgo Q altogether by
declaring an inline class of BLOCKQUOTE. All quotations would be block
on legacy browsers.

David Perrell