Re: Presentation of Q

On May 5,  1:37pm, David Perrell wrote:

> Chris Lilley wrote:
> > Yes, precisely. Using <Q lang=fr>stuff</Q> gets you french quotes.
> I wonder how Q will be handled in the case of quotations that span
> multiple paragraphs. Current usage in English is to begin each
> subsequent paragraph with a double open quote but not use the end quote
> until the end of the last paragraph of the quotation.

Since the content model of P includes Q but the content model of Q does not
include P, that is not a problem ;-)

Since you are talking of quoted material arranged in paragraphs, blockquote
would be appropriate.

A stylesheet could arrange for an open quote to be applied before each
blockquote and a close quote to be appended to the last one (in CSS,
using a special class to identify the last blockquote of that quoted
section. Or you could surround the section with a div and generate the
closing quote on that.

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