Re: The concept of cascading

David Perrell wrote:
> >   Currently there is no way in CSS to say that all headers must be in
> > yellow courier 120% font-height, and _not_ let someone change it.
> Is there a way in DSSSL?

That's a little bit of a tricky question.

DSSSL isn't a security system. That's also why it doesn't stop Mike
Wexler's scheme of copying the DSSSL file and subverting it. If you want
to load a DSSSL script and subvert it you probalby can. The calling
stylesheet has all of the power. It doesn't even have to ever let the
called stylesheet's construction rules get executed. This is the
ultimate subversion, the called stylesheet is ignored! This is also how
you would do a cascade in the unlikely event that you need it.

Realistically, though, DSSSL systems would be set up so that the
parameters are supplied by an entity that is included INTO the main
(centrally supplied) stylesheet. You would edit them as if you were
editing an .INI file or simple stylesheet and they would get sucked into
the called stylesheet at runtime.

 Paul Prescod