Re: The concept of cascading

Paul Prescod wrote:
> To: David Perrell
> > Seems simpler to manage and no less controllable than
> > to activate a program stub.
> How so? This is what I mean by a stub:
> (define departmental-logo
> (define departmental-background (color rgb 0 0 0))
> (define departmental-table-of-contents-style
>     ; some hairy code to generate the world's most beautiful TOC
> )
> (declare-initial-value "Helvetica")
> <stylesheet use="base-company-spec.dsl">

Not so difficult. But then, you skipped the hairy code, which --
depending on the type of hair involved -- some might consider obscene.

> ... I'll admit, however, if you want unconstrained
> changes with no need for forethought on the part of the people
> the base stylesheet, then CSS is better.

No, I think that there would need to be a great deal of forethought put
into the design of a primary stylesheet as well as secondary ones, or
it isn't going to work very well. I thought that was your opinion also.

With care, though, CSS could help keep documents consistent throughout
an organization without creating style chaos. As could a parameterized
style mechanism. Is DSSSL-O a good mechanism? Your examples look good,
but when I look at the spec it seems way too focused in some areas and
totally blind in others, and I have a hard time imagining widespread

David Perrell