Re: Cascading and scripting (was: The concept of cascading) (fwd)

> BUT, I obviously feel that exposing stylesheet functions - that is,
> presentation attributes - to script engines through the object model is
> incredibly powerful and goes a long way into turning applications using
> the Web platform into truly interactive experiences.  I think it's silly
> to recommend that someone write J*Script just to write basic stylesheets
> - but I think it's great to be able to write
> "ONMOUSEOVER="this.style.fontWeight='bold'" to get hover effects.  Check
> out the IE4 demo pages, and you'll see what I mean, if it's not
> blindingly obvious.

The example you present is entirely resaonble, elegant and has NOTHING to
do with manipulating the content at runtime (adding elements, removing
elements, etc.) You have just created a flow object that responds to
mouse movement.  Great! This is absolutely NOT what I am afraid of. What
I am afraid of is that people want to make document elements be created and
destroyed at runtime. The "document" then becomes a virtual concept that is
unvalidatable, unindexable, unconvertable and, in the end, unmaintainable.

Note also that the example that you present does not really have to be 
tied to any scripting language at all. You merely need an ONMOUSEOVER
property and a list of properties to change when the ONMOUSEOVER occurs.
You could also select another element to change through a simple query.

 Paul Prescod

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