Re: Cascading and scripting (was: The concept of cascading)

Ingo Macherius wrote:
> Paul Prescod said:
> | I would rather avoid
> | the bifurcation of effort and education, but I suppose that is what will
> | separate the professional publishers from the amateurs.
> I can't stand this professionals/amateurs discussion. Professional what ?
> Markup Language Experts ? 

Professional publishers. People who have large, complex things to
publish. That's what I understand a "publisher" to be. I was probably
wrong to put everyone else in the "amateurs" category. I should have
just put them in the "everyone else" category. David Siegel is not a
publisher (I think he would agree to that), but he is is also not an
amateur. He is a professional at what he does: design, not publishing.

> This all is frustrating and sad, but true. Someone capable of following the
> discussion in www-style probably is too expensive to write xxML.

To write it, yes. To design the systems that others will use to write
it, no. The days where "web design workflow" consists of edit and FTP
are numbered. People are going to need more rigorous systems to maintain
corporate identity and to publish large documents. That's where the
professional publishers will not have time to futz around with scripting
languages. They want to declare the element type of an object, choose a
flow object and let the browser do the rest. Designers have time for
that scripting stuff because their goal is achieving a certain effect on
a certain page. Publisher's goals are to get thousands of pages on the
Web in a cost-effective manner with good navigation tools and high

 Paul Prescod