RE: The concept of cascading

I'd say you just answered your own question.

Chris Wilson

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> Sent:	Monday, April 28, 1997 7:05 PM
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> David Perrell wrote:
> > Perhaps I'm all wet, but I don't see site maintenance being
> > torrentially anarchized by cascading stylesheets. I was referring to
> > documents styled for the department from which they're generated,
> not
> > on-the-fly-customized for the requestor. Control over appearance is
> > gained with a few centrally-controlled stylesheets, not lost. As for
> > specifying stylesheets and elements based on parameters, that's
> getting
> > pretty trivial using server-side scripting such as ASP. Though not
> > necessary with SS-scripting, using external cascading stylesheets
> could
> > still simplify maintenance.
> I don't understand the benefit of cascading over parameterization.
> With
> parameterization the person in the central design office says exactly
> what can be changed and the departments supply "stubs" that do the
> changing. With the cascade, they can change whatever they feel like.
>  Paul Prescod