Re: The concept of cascading

Paul Prescod wrote:
> >From what I know of most large organizations, they will want to
> the exact "extensions" that are allowed to the corporate stylesheet.
> When a stylesheet is designed with extensions in mind I think that we
> are talking about "parameterization". You invoke the stylesheet and
> supply parameters such as departmental background, logo, etc. CSS
> doesn't really allow parameterization except through cascading, but
> you open the cascading floodgates the central stylesheet maintainer
> loses all control.

Perhaps I'm all wet, but I don't see site maintenance being
torrentially anarchized by cascading stylesheets. I was referring to
documents styled for the department from which they're generated, not
on-the-fly-customized for the requestor. Control over appearance is
gained with a few centrally-controlled stylesheets, not lost. As for
specifying stylesheets and elements based on parameters, that's getting
pretty trivial using server-side scripting such as ASP. Though not
necessary with SS-scripting, using external cascading stylesheets could
still simplify maintenance.

David Perrell