Re: The concept of cascading

David Perrell wrote:
> Maybe I'm stating the obvious, but it seems to me CSS would be much in
> demand for large organizations' intranets, where there is an overall
> corporate look and feel along with 'personality' touches for various
> departments. A well-designed set of cascading stylesheets would greatly
> simplify the management of such a site while allowing users with
> special visual needs to apply selective overrides.

From what I know of most large organizations, they will want to define
the exact "extensions" that are allowed to the corporate stylesheet.
When a stylesheet is designed with extensions in mind I think that we
are talking about "parameterization". You invoke the stylesheet and
supply parameters such as departmental background, logo, etc. CSS
doesn't really allow parameterization except through cascading, but once
you open the cascading floodgates the central stylesheet maintainer
loses all control.

 Paul Prescod