Cascading and scripting (was: The concept of cascading)

What does it mean for this debate that the first "serious" mass-market
browsers to implement CSS will also feature the ability to alter style
sheets dynamically through scripting languages? I believe
[youradhere]Script, in conjunction with CSS, can perform many of the
selection/transformation tasks that Paul cites as unique DSSSL virtues. It
may even be possible to write quite complex scripts inside local (user)
stylesheets that will effectively parameterize the system, regardless of
whatever classes or tagsets are in use.

I am making no value judgment about the elegance of one (xxML + CSS +
scripting) relative to the other (xxML + DSSSL), but browser support for
the former is halfway out the birth canal, and will be deployed in perhaps
100 million instances before it could be "superseded" - which will of
course complicate any such supercession enormously.

Todd Fahrner

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