Re: The concept of cascading

Gayle Kidder wrote:
> All of this discussion I think ignores the fact that style sheets make
> it much easier for authors to offer different versions of a document,
> simply by attaching a different style sheet. Authors who are offering
> content-driven material for a general public that may include various
> physical/technological handicaps, it seems to me, should have a
> responsibility to post design-simple versions. Perhaps we should be
> looking at a way to standardize and tag these simple versions so that
> UAs written for special needs can automatically find them.

I agree with all you've said, Gayle. I've been concentrating on the
cascade because it is "inside" the stylesheet language. You are exactly
right that there are many "outside" the stylesheet languages to attack
the accessbility problem. These would work equally well with any
stylesheet langauge.

 Paul Prescod