Re: Can cascading work?

Steve Knoblock wrote:
> MSIE uses the percentage of the default size for headings and not the
> percentage of the parent element. So it's useless until it's fixed in
> most popular browsers.

I believe this problem was noted many months ago. I sure hope its fixed
in 4.0 browsers.

> you have to base the relative font-sizes on something, so you have to
> specify at least a basefont in points on the body elements.

Why would that be necessary? Whether provided by the UA's default
stylesheet or a previously applied author stylesheet, there must be a
default size for BODY. From there you can apply percentage values to
all other elements. Since most users will have a default BODY size that
suits their visual acuity, it makes as much sense to base everything
else on that as to consider some typical body text point size as a
reasonable base. Also, if you're applying spot alterations to a
previously applied stylesheet it would be better not to specify sizes
in anything but percentages, so if the main stylesheet is changed, size
overrides in the secondary stylesheet will remain relative.

David Perrell