Re: Can cascading work?

Tom Hughes wrote:
> Personally I find the level of font control in MSIO abysmal. I have
> it set to "Smallest" in order to get normal body text the size that
> I want, but that makes the preformatted text too small for comfortable
> viewing.
> As far as I can tell there is no way of overcoming this at the moment
> except possibly be editing the registry. 

I agree that the user interface for doing a more precise font change is
poor. Since my wife and I change back and forth, I prefer the button but
I can see that if you wanted a particular size IE would not be very

> I find myself waiting eagerly for user stylesheets in MSIE precisely
> so I can solve the above problem.

I don't see how digging into CSS is any better as a UI then digging into
the registry. The browser should just give you the option that you need
in its preferences dialog box. How it is implemented should be pretty
much irrelevant. In any case, authors who actually set the text size for
preformatted text will have precedence over your stylesheet so you will
be in the odd position of being able (perhaps) to read documents without
stylesheets better than documents with them.

 Paul Prescod