Re: Can cascading work?

On Apr 24,  7:18am, Tom Hughes wrote:

> Personally I find the level of font control in MSIO abysmal. I have
> it set to "Smallest" in order to get normal body text the size that
> I want, but that makes the preformatted text too small for comfortable
> viewing.
> As far as I can tell there is no way of overcoming this at the moment
> except possibly be editing the registry.

At WWW6 MS announced that reader stylesheets would be suported in a future

They also said that 3.0 had partial support by, as you say, editing the
registry to point to a (single, static) reader stylesheet.

> I find myself waiting eagerly for user stylesheets in MSIE precisely
> so I can solve the above problem.

I presume you also told them that, since the more users thatask for a
feature the more likely it is to get implemented sooner than later.

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