Re: Can cascading work?

Terje Norderhaug wrote:
> The style-sheet negotiation can be done based on knowledge about how well
> different style properties work together. In other words, the renderer is
> an expert system that takes the style sheets as guidelines and tries to
> figure out an appropriate compromise.
> Such a negotation strategy is a contrast to a deterministic procedural
> cascading mechanism and would suggest more descriptive style sheets that
> contain metainformation useful for the negitation. It might be better to
> follow such a path for DSSSL and leave CSS to provide the simpler cascading
> approach.

I feel quite the opposite. DSSSL's fully programmable model would make
it very difficult to determine what two stylesheets "mean" so that you
could merge them intelligently. CSS's declarative-only format is much
more amenable to that. On the other hand, CSS already has a well defined
cascading model, so there is really no room for the heuristics you
describe. That would have to be done in some new language.

 Pual Prescod