Re: Can cascading work?

At 5:15 AM 4/24/97, Neil St.Laurent wrote:
>However I would see great promise if DSSSL had a cascade of some
>effect whereas I could query the existing style sheets layer by layer
>and decide what to do on each user's system.  Or a simple logic
>extension to CSS to do this.

May eb rather than just a cascade, it would be an idea if the style sheets
description facilitated more "intelligent" negotiation between style

The style-sheet negotiation can be done based on knowledge about how well
different style properties work together. In other words, the renderer is
an expert system that takes the style sheets as guidelines and tries to
figure out an appropriate compromise.

Such a negotation strategy is a contrast to a deterministic procedural
cascading mechanism and would suggest more descriptive style sheets that
contain metainformation useful for the negitation. It might be better to
follow such a path for DSSSL and leave CSS to provide the simpler cascading

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