Re: Color spaces for Stylesheets (was Re: Is DSSSL Hard?)

Chris Lilley wrote:
> > No, FPIs are not rolled out on the web. I guess URLs are basically as
> > good as FPIs for what I am discussing, though.
> Right. To make your example a little more practical, perhaps you could
> outline what the document identified by your suggested FPI above would
> contain?

It would contain a prose description of a color space. UA and back-end
vendors will read the description and implement it. If there is some way
to specify a color-space in a machine readable format so that a new
program can instantly learn to support it, then you should register it
under an FPI, every browser can implement it and we can throw away all
of the rest. I don't believe that such a beast exist, and DSSSL isn't
artificially intelligent. All I claimed is that it can support multiple
color spaces, not arbitrary ones created on the fly!

 Paul Prescod