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> Any interesting override probably should not be applied on an element by
> element basis. If you are colourblind, then you need a way to remap ALL
> colours, used ANYWHERE, even on elements and classes you have never
> heard of, to black and white. If you are nearsighted, you need to remap
> all small fonts. This suggests to me that CSS is actually a step
> backwards. In my UA today (IE 3.0) I can already make all of the fonts
> bigger with a button click (my wife uses this).

Personally I find the level of font control in MSIO abysmal. I have
it set to "Smallest" in order to get normal body text the size that
I want, but that makes the preformatted text too small for comfortable

As far as I can tell there is no way of overcoming this at the moment
except possibly be editing the registry. I shouldn't have to do that
sort of things as I should have more control. To be frank I was 
flabbergasted when I discovered how little control I had as all the
browsers I had seen previously had full presets for font size and

>                                              I certainly hope that in
> the future I don't have to write a stylesheet for it (especially one per
> DTD!!).

I find myself waiting eagerly for user stylesheets in MSIE precisely
so I can solve the above problem.


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