Re: Can cascading work?

> One charge is that the cascade can result in unfortunate
> interactions, such as insufficient contrast between fore- and
> background, or indistinct links, resulting in inaccessible pages.

It was always my belief that if the author of a page was going to 
override any properties that may negatively interact then they should 
override everything related to it to make it work well.  There are 
very nice areas where overriding and interacting with style sheets is 
a nice feature:
-consider only adding modifications like italics and bold to existing 
-changing the font in a place, it may lose it's effect if the user 
agents font is that, but it doesn't detract from the page
-altering the justification of a segment
-setting contour flow around images for a certain section
-changing the font size relatively

I see enough things in the cascade that are relative and also 
inhertied that a competant author should be able to decide when and 
where they need to override certain attributes.  I don't CSS itself 
should prevent bad design, this should still be left to the authors 
of pages.

However I would see great promise if DSSSL had a cascade of some 
effect whereas I could query the existing style sheets layer by layer 
and decide what to do on each user's system.  Or a simple logic 
extension to CSS to do this.
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