Re: DSSSL [drop caps]

lee@sq.com wrote:
> Only on platforms that do no correction for screen resolution.
> For example, if you're using X Windows on a 150 dpi screen and I'm
> using a Mac with a 72 dpi screen, your 30 pt font might be 100 pixels
> and ine might be 50 pixels high...  However, if you use em for
> this may not matter too much.

I'm using W95 at 112 ppi. Doesn't matter as long as all measurements
are in the same units. Since em = font-size, all em measures would have
to refer to the same element. 
> Actually
>      such that the cap height equals (parent's cap height)
>      + ((drop-lines - 1) * parent's line-height)

I was assuming 'drop-lines' to be just that. "drop-lines: 1" would
align the baseline of the float with the baseline of the parent's
second line and "drop-lines: 0" would not be a drop cap at all. With
this assumption, "(parent's cap height) + (drop-lines * parent's
line-height)" is correct.

David Perrell