Re: From CSS to DSSSL

On Apr 17,  3:23pm, Todd Fahrner wrote:

> At 8:29 PM -0400 4/16/97, Paul Prescod wrote:

> > It is important to
> > remember though, that shipping dumbed-down documents over the web is
> > second best.

Wheras shipping even dumber-down 'tag frenzy' documents is clearly third
or fourth best, so we agree ;-)

> Consider the
> case where word-images must maintain a consistent visual relation to
> (bitmap) images. As soon as UAs and hardware will allow for bicubic
> interpolation on variable-size images

Yay! Which is feasible but does require truecolor or at least hicolor
support; you can't have interpolation and indexed displays if your aim
is to increase rather than decrease legibility.

A link off my personal home page to the first browser that lets the
user scale both text and graphics together, using bicubic interpolation
for the graphics.

We now return to our regular programming.

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