David Perrell wrote:
> For me, the biggest arguments against DSSSL are the obscure documents
> describing it. Take
> <http://occam.sjf.novell.com:8080/docs/dsssl-o/do951212.htm>, for
> example. And don't give it back.

That's not a description, its a standard! Someone else tried to learn
DSSSL from the jade docs: that's not a description either, its an
> Seriously, the best arguments I've seen for DSSSL are your examples. If
> you're really trying to drum up support, you might want to supplement
> with some less intimidating reference material than above, such as the
> gentle "Introduction..." at
> <http://itrc.uwaterloo.ca/~papresco/dsssl/tutorial.html>. Or am I the
> only one on this list not already familiar with DSSSL?

I'm sure that there are lots. DSSSL is very new and as you say the
standard is very intimidating. I didn't learn from the standard: I
learned from examples and then figured out how to read the standard by
"grep"ping for words from the examples. 
> BTW, why no 'rotation-axis' and 'rotation-angle' classes?

Ask on dssslist. I suspect that some things are too much of a pain for
some implementors to do. You can always add flow objects and properties
for things that would not be widely implemented. As I mentioned in
<http://itrc.uwaterloo.ca/~papresco/dssssl/hard.html> the set of flow
objects are somewhat arbitrary. They can be added to just as new
properties are in new versions of CSS.

 Paul Prescod