Re: colours for bullets - this one is simple, works, & addresses

Fred L. Drake wrote:
> Scott E. Preece wrote:
> > You've never seen a book or article with a table or list in the
middle of
> > a paragraph?  It's not really that uncommon.  I've certainly seen
> > 	- tables
> > 	- figures
> > 	- lists
> > 	- code segments
> > and other insertions in the middle of paragraphs.  Why not?
> Scott,
>   Thanks; adding "code segments" makes it clear to me what is
> intended.  I'll agree with adding TABLE to the content model of P, as
> long as PRE, OL, and UL get added as well.  (Though they should still
> default to being block level elements for formatting, which seems to
> work with your explanation.)  There may be some other block level
> elements which should be added, but those seem to be the obvious
> ones.

Are there arguments against this besides the fact that </P> is

</TH> and </TD> are also optional, yet TH and TD can contain any other
block elements.

How about:

 <!ENTITY % paragraph "%text | %list | %preformatted | BLOCKQUOTE |

 <!ELEMENT P     - O (%paragraph)*>


David Perrell