Re: CSS multi-column layout (was Re: From CSS to DSSSL)

> >> (if only css >> could accommodate multi-column layout....)
> I suspect that true column-ing requires a certain amount of
> intelligence on the part of the UA, which would expand and
> contract the columns to fit the text. But what happens with a tiny
> screen? What if it can't possibly fit the text you spec'ed into
> the space? Maybe it should ignore the multi-columnar layout and
> convert everything to a single column, thus using scroll space to
> fit the text... or perhaps this has already been settled. 

We designed a CSS solution for this a while back, and maybe its
getting timely to re-introduce it. It gives the flexible control
you describe. One feature we haven't addressed though is allowing
the author (or copy editor) to indicate which text can be left out
when space is short, for example when you want to squeeze the text
into a fixed space.

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