Re: colours for bullets - this one is simple, works, & addresses

Scott E. Preece wrote:
> You've never seen a book or article with a table or list in the middle of
> a paragraph?  It's not really that uncommon.  I've certainly seen
> 	- tables
> 	- figures
> 	- lists
> 	- code segments
> and other insertions in the middle of paragraphs.  Why not?

  Thanks; adding "code segments" makes it clear to me what is
intended.  I'll agree with adding TABLE to the content model of P, as
long as PRE, OL, and UL get added as well.  (Though they should still
default to being block level elements for formatting, which seems to
work with your explanation.)  There may be some other block level
elements which should be added, but those seem to be the obvious


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