Re: colours for bullets - this one is simple, works, & addresses

| > I believe that tables and lists can logically be children of a
| > paragraph.
| David,
|   Can you site a precedent?  I don't believe I've ever seen this.  If
| the intention is to make the table & paragraph appear side by side,
| the sibling relationship is appropriate.  The only reason to support
| the table-as-child-of-paragraph approach would be to embed the table
| into the text flow of the paragraph.  I can't think of a meaningful
| example of this.

You've never seen a book or article with a table or list in the middle of
a paragraph?  It's not really that uncommon.  I've certainly seen
	- tables
	- figures
	- lists
	- code segments
and other insertions in the middle of paragraphs.  Why not?


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