Re: Hyphenation (was Re: A suggested tag)

|   The base dictionaries should be determined by the UA, but an author
| should be able to provide supplemental dictionaries for unusual
| words.  I think Dave's proposal should work fine for that, without
| having to modify the definition of HTML.  A multi-lingual document
| could simply add one such LINK element for each language for which
| supplemental entries are needed.  The hyphenation database format
| could be specified using the TYPE attribute of the LINK element.

Umm, you guys do realize that H&J (hyphenation and justification)
isn't just a matter of dictionaries, don't you?  There are very
different H&J algorithms involved here as well.  And difficult
interactions with things like kerning...  Not to mention the different
approaches to word-breaking you get into in the ideographic scripts...

Vincent is right, just indicate the language and let the UA do the
best it can with it.