Re: Hyphenation (was Re: A suggested tag)

Dave Raggett wrote:

> It makes sense then to recommend that browser support wrapping after
> ­ and to introduce a new tag for invisible hyphenation points
> that are also invisible in downlevel browsers.  What should thistag
> be called?  <W> doesn't seem sufficiently self evident. Some other
> possibilities include <HYPHEN>, <SHY>, and <HY>

I think <HY> sounds like a good idea. When you use this tag the
hyphenation dictionary is ignored for the word

But we also have to have a container tag to avoid hyphenation, maybe
somethink like <NOHYPHEN></NOHYPHEN>

> Its always good to build on proven implementation experience.
> The question remains as to how to link to such dictionaries.
> One idea is to use LINK e.g.
>   <LINK REL=hyphenation LANG=en HREF=hyphen.dict>

I think that all hyphenation dictionarys schoud have a id number,
so the dictionarys only will be downloaded if it's newer than the
one cached on the computer.



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