Re: From CSS to DSSSL

Perhaps easy for you, but you (and Paul) are software experts, for
whom programming languages, and paradigms such as those employed
in DSSSL, are quite natural.  This is not the case for the average
desktop publisher/Web author.  CSS, on the other hand, is very 
understandable to non-programmers. This ease of use is one purpose 
behind CSS -- and is what will most likely make it popular with the 
same individuals who now author HTML.

DSSSL is far more powerful than CSS, but is simply too powerful 
(and complicated) for the majority of people creating Web pages. 


Daniel wrote:
> Paul wrote:
> | Jon Bosak wrote:
> |
> | > That's exactly where I ended up on this.  CSS is simple and enables a
> | > lot of functionality but is inherently incapable of handling the hard
> | > cases; DSSSL can handle anything but is a bitch to learn.
> | 
> | I think that your experience learning DSSSL is very different from
> | everyone else's. You were the first, with basically no examples or
> | tutorials. I learned from your examples and found it very easy going.
> | Imagine learning SGML from the ISO Spec -- you'd be convinced that it
> | was a bitch to learn too. But people learn it every day. Presumably you
> I agree with Paul. I tried to learn DSSSL from the draft more than a
> year ago, but without examples and without an implementation it was
> kind of building castles in the air. Once Jade was out, and with your
> examples and the draft it was not complicated. Jade provided me
> immediate feedback, your examples something already working and the
> draft answered my questions. You still have to know functional
> programming a bit at least, but in hours you can have some
> style-sheets working.
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