Re: Hyphenation (was Re: A suggested tag)

Dave Raggett said:

| But this evades the issue of being able to specify a separate
| dictionary per language for documents containing multiple languages.

I recently wrote about DSSSL in German. There is no German edition of
ISO 10179 and I did not want to do my own tanslations, so I used English
words. Partly because translations would introduce confusion to a well
defined terminology, partly because some translations would be ridicolous
(e.g. "grove" could only be translated in it's phytogenetic meaning).
Doing this with MS-Word was a pain.

A possible solution on this would be to have "per field of writing" 
dictionaries. Albeit the text is german, all DSSSL related words were
English. So I could have used an English "DSSSL dictionary" combined with
a general German dictionary.
To allow this, a modular dictionary concept and a per word markup to
select a specific one would be needed. I'm not sure if HTML (or
XML, whatever) should aim to solve this problem, which is not even solved
by MS-Word in a clean way. I'm not even sure if fixing the problem on markup
level is the right way. Maybe a processing on content-word level is more
Nevertheless it would be nice to have such a thing :)

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