Hyphenation (was Re: A suggested tag)

On Thu, 17 Apr 1997, Vincent QUINT wrote:

> A full dictionary for each language would be too much expensive.
> Some time ago (in 1983) F. M. Liang proposed a very efficient
> method for compressing hyphenation dictionaries while making them
> much easier to search. This method is used in TeX and it produces
> quite good results with very small dictionaries. This is also the
> method used in Amaya.

Its always good to build on proven implementation experience.
The question remains as to how to link to such dictionaries.
One idea is to use LINK e.g.

   <LINK REL=hyphenation LANG=en HREF=hyphen.dict>

Another is to extend CSS with a hyphenation property, e.g.

   BODY {hyphenation: url(hyphen.dict)}

But this evades the issue of being able to specify a separate
dictionary per language for documents containing multiple languages.
Any suggestions?

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