Re: CSS positioning and window dimensions

Robert Stevahn wrote:
> ... We've had requests for the
> ability to position elements relative to the document window, and
> this may be considered in the future. For now, I'm afraid you're
> stuck with frames.

Too bad. IMO any positioning mechanism unaware of the visible area
available for positioning is sadly lacking.
> You _could_ set the size of the <BODY> element to an arbitrary size,
> and nest positioned elements (like <DIV>s) within it, using
> percentages...

Even that is verboten. From the draft: "The <BODY> element defines a
special implicit container having the following properties:
•Its position, width, height and clipping region are determined by the
User Agent, and may not be modified. ...". Nested DIVs would do as
well, but what a kludge having to script for a static presentation.

David Perrell